Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Admediaprofit ?
A: Admediaprofit is an advertising platform that will cater to the advertising needs of members to market their businesses or affiliate links on our website. We also offer a compensation plan for all of our members. For more details on our compensation plan, see our Compensation Plan page.

Q: Is AdMediaProfit an investment plan?
No. Not at all! AdMediaProfit is an advertising site that will cater to your advertising needs. We are an ad revenue sharing site and not an investment company, HYIP or Ponzi scheme. Upon joining, you will be purchasing advertising credits packages that will enable you to promote your business opportunities to our targeted visitors on our website. Earnings are just a bonus to our valued members.

Q: How does AdMediaProfit generate revenue? What is your revenue sharing percentage?

A: We share 90% of the total revenue generated at AdMediaProfit with our members. This includes the 5% direct referral commission and Two-Fold Matching Bonus (actual disbursement for this may vary on a daily basis between 5% to 15% since you are paid matching bonus of sales generated on unlimited levels- needless to say, this is a huge money spinner for our Affiliates!)
Revenue Streams for AdMediaProfit
Sale of Ad Packs ($10 per ad pack)
Solo E-mail Ad Service (sold separately) !!
120x120 banner ads (sold separately) !!
240x120 banner ads (sold separately) !!
300x200 banner ads (sold separately) !! [displayed in member's area]
500x100 banner ads (sold separately) !!
Ad revenue on the upcoming social media platform (Launching Shortly!)

Q: What is the maximum ad packs members are allowed to purchase per transaction?
A: The maximum ad packs allowed to purchase per transaction is 100 Ad packs but you can purchase additional ad packs thereafter.

Q: Do I have to click ads or surf ads to earn?
A: No! All you need to do is purchase ad packs to receive your share in our revenues.

Q: Do you provide full stats and information about my Ad shares purchased?
A: Yes, in your members area you will find earnings statistics and Ad shares advertising statistics information.

Q:How long does it take for my purchased Ad Packs to be added to my account?
After you make your purchase, your account should be updated immediately. If your account is not updated, please use the 'Report Missing Ad Packs' link or 'Support Area' in the Virtual Back Office to inform us about the same.

Q: What payment processors can I use to purchase Ad shares?
A: You need to first Add Fund to you wallet through Payza, EgoPay, Perfect Money and Solid Trust Pay (to be added soon!)

Q: What is the minimum withdrawal and what are your deposit and withdrawal fees?
A: The minimum withdrawal amount is $10.00 . There's no deposit fee but the withdrawal fee is 5%. This covers admin fees and payment processor fees .

Q: When will I get paid?

A: You will be paid within the maximum time frame of 48hrs after making a withdrawal request. We normally try to process cashout the same day when you request and at the earliest.

Q: Am I required to refer others to AdMediaProfit to share in the website revenue?
A: You do not need to refer others to share in the website revenue.

Q: Can I use my available earnings to buy more Ad Share Packages?

A: Yes, when you have $10.00 in your account you can use it to purchase new Ad Pack.

Q: What happens if AdMediaProfit receives a spam complaint about my referral URL?

A: We have a very strict no spam policy. If you cannot prove that you are innocent, you will be deleted immediately, and all your unpaid earnings will be forfeited and you shall cease to be a member of AdMediaProfit with immediate effect. No kind of IP messaging is allowed. Any spam complaint due to the use of IP messengers will also cause you to lose your membership without further notice. If we are forced to close down or lose our domain because of anyone spamming, we will pursue this to the fullest extent of the law.

Q: My question remains unanswered. How do I contact you?
A: In case you have a question which is not answered here or you are not fully satisfied with the response, you may contact us on Skype or write to us through 'Contact us' or raise a ticket in the 'Support Area' in your Virtual Office. We will respond to you ASAP.